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Swinging lifestyle information for new and experienced sexual swingers is found here. Site has New Jersey, PA, NY and CT specifics for sex orgies, swappers hotel parties and other orgy themed events. We USED TO run the Round Valley Swingers club in central NJ. Many links here for the hedonist, be sure to check them out! Curious as to how swinging evolved? See The Swing Community: A Profile - excellent! Use the 'Add This' icon above to bookmark this site. For those looking for Hoople and hotdi swingers profile.

Daily sex news that's NOT boring!     Read and leave comments on our  Swingers BloG!

Meet-n-Greet Frequently Asked Questions

Swinging and swingers topics

Common Swinging Terminology, HotDi's response to questions, Swinging FAQ's, Guide to Safe Sex (Concise), Prostitution related Terms/acronyms, Hotel swingers parties, Meeting advice for newbies, Meet-n-Greet FAQs, Newbie's guide to swinging, What's (not) common about all swinging venues? and Why have swinging rules?
Chatting together about SLS, Gunnison, bars, threesomes and the swinglifestyle!
Chat? Meet swingers in chats   Chat with other swingers on topics like: swinging, hotel parties, swing clubs, Meet-n-Greets and more! Drama free, most are open to all.

Yahoo! swingers groups

How to find Swingers related Yahoo! groups in the New Jersey, New York, NYC Metro and Philly area. Our recommendation of the best swingers parties and recommended groups. How to identify the timewaster groups and ones that have poor agendas.

Flashing and exhibitionism

Flashing, Bar fun, Trains, Watching and being watched, Dogging aka car sex, hotel exhibitionism and related links.

Skinnydipping and nudism

Sandy Hook aka Gunnison Beach, what does 'Lewd it and loose it' mean, The Ledges and many related links.

Tips for Single guys and swinging

What does 'Ladies rule, guys drewl' mean?, 'Gang Bangs, parking lot playtime's + Adult Book Stores?', Replying to couples ads, Wording your reply, 'Sending of pictures y/n?' and We were asked once 'Why are you (couples) so harsh to single guys?'

Webcam chat

ByteCam with mIRC, CU-SeeMe, PalTalk, other Web Browser Cams and JMeeting For Dummies.

Strip Clubs

Our experiences in NJ, NY, PA, MA and Canada.

Sex Toys

I have many vibrators. Some that are electric, some battery. These are some of my favorites.

Photos and Yahoo! Profiles

Yahoo! Profiles - an explanation.

Links to other related places

that didn't fit anywhere else!


Some of our favorites.

Reading Room

Reviews, book clubs and Hotdi's tips

Hoople and hotdi

Our personal photos.

E-mail bouncing

Bouncing defined and how to tell if you are. Tips on how to prevent bouncing. Moderator/Owner/Founder Guidance.

Yahoo Groups message delays

The Issue, A Typical example, Some see little or no delays and Individual emails + free service = delay.

Ypops - webmail helper program

Want to Yahoo! with Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Mozilla, etc? Easy to setup free program.


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