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Berlin News Agency (BNA) aka BN aka Berlin News BN is a regular adult shop as well. The front of the store is a regular store with newspapers and cold sodas. Behind a door is the adult portion, with magazines, videos etc. Go through the front room through a swinging door into the adult section. The theater/lounge area entrance is on your left opposite the video racks. The video booths are to your right. BN is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The theater is closed from 5 am to 6 am for cleaning.

Buddy booths = yes. There is a set of two video booths that are separated by Plexiglass so you can watch each other. The booths are situated in an angled format. There is one in the second row that has a Plexiglas viewing area that can be seen from a booth in the last row. Most of the booths are roomy enough for 2. You could do almost anything in them.

The Theatre - You put $10 (free for couples) in a slot, the door buzzes, you turn the knob, open the door, and go in to enjoy some very exciting playing. Berlin News has also replaced the old couches with long padded benches that line the walls of the first two rooms! They are covered with black vinyl to make it MUCH easier to keep clean. These benches are about two foot wide, which makes it excellent for a "variety of play". The largest room has theater seating facing a big screen. Between all the rooms, you can have 50-100 people in the theater at once. All of the movies, to my knowledge, are straight. There are two TV's (televisions, that in the first room, one TV in the third room, and the large rear-projection screen in the fourth room. They all show the same movie.....Smoking is okay as long as too many people don't get carried away. Cigar smoke, even to someone who is not allergic, is offensive to many people, especially in this small room without adequate ventilation. It's really not that big of a theater (about the size of three average rooms in an average sized home). Gents will always respect you and your wife's wishes. YOU run the show, they will hover a bit, but they will back up and make sure you are comfortable.

Best times?

In my observations, between 6-8 pm is the best time on a Friday or Saturday to get a smaller, more friendly, crowd to play with. I went at 6 pm once and there was a couple who played with about a dozen or so of us guys. Between 9-11 pm is the worst (for those that don't want a large and possibly unruly crowd). That is when most of the trolls show up and fill the place up, making for more uncomfortable conditions for those who are not used to that scene. After 11 pm is also a good time because most of the married guys and/or trolls have to head home, BN then becomes more comfortable again.

Based on the above it's been suggested many times that newbies go outside of the 9-11 pm time and NOT post in the Yahoo! groups that you are going. There is a good possibility that you will have a MUCH better first time experience, esp. if your lady has some reservations about crowds or a potential for unruliness.

BN 'survival kit'

It would be a good idea to bring a towel for the couches to sit on. They look clean, but I'm sure they will fail the "black light" (UV) test (semen aka ejaculate glows)....LOL. Also, you might want to bring some "restroom essentials" in case they run out. Many guys will bring their own condoms, it's up to you, there are pros/cons of depending on them to do so. By the way, there is a restroom right inside the theater, so a clean up towel or 'wet wipes' (alcohol impregnated towlettes) would come in handy as well. Some bottled water might be a good idea too....just consider this a BN survival kit....HaHaHaaaa!!!

The bathroom inside the theater has been totally remodeled! The rest room has been completely redone with new sink , toilet and the floor and walls are tiled theres even a door with a lock. Has really brightened it up! The bathroom has been the focal point in a lot of discussions in the past. Looks like all the ceiling tiles have been replaced and the walls painted too.


One thing that's nice about BN is that many couples choose to visit for play. Some are seasoned players who accept all types interaction. Keep in mind that BN isn't a swing club. Some couples have a few rules, that when respected will stay and play. Newbies do arrive many times not knowing what to expect, especially the swarmers. If you post your visit, lay out your ground rules. Don't assume that everyone there has read your posts or is a member of the BN group you posted in (there are many).

Once you're seated and everyone has gathered around, tell everyone your rules. Explain in detail what you both want and don't want. Tell them if they follow your rules they have a better chance of getting to join in on the fun. State that to play with you (and her) that they must be freshly showered. There will always be a few in the crowd who will show up smelly and dirty.

Some guys do get a bit too 'hormonally driven' in their behavior towards women, so guys, think with the brain in your upper head! There have been many times when these guys are not controlled that they drive off couples, quite often they never return. The single most important thing for the men who bring a new woman to ALWAYS BE IN CONTROL. Say you will leave if your rules are not respected. There will always be one or two guys who will still reach out and touch or move in for a blow job. Don't get mad, don't get nasty. Just remind them to back off. Others may then help you control the group as they want to prevent your leaving. Some people bring a trusted male friend (or two) to help divide the control. This allows the male time to play too. One frequent play couple calls their trusted friends 'captains'.

Below are two excellent recommendations from a woman.

-----Original Message-----
From: belongstomd
Subject: New couple's fee policy plus a word of caution to the gentlemen ....

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Guys, please try to remember that it's a tad overwhelming for a woman
to walk into a place like BN and then be stared at and/or followed
around like a new exhibit at the zoo! Some gentleman are respectful
and gracious and give a lady a chance to get adjusted before starting
to overwhelm her with their cocks in her face ...if you wait your turn
and treat a lady nicely, you're more apt to get what you want! I know
it goes a long way with me!

Thanks!    xoxoxo Julie

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From: belongstomd
Subject: Saturday night

[SNIP]    (general comments stripped)

Finally - to a few select other men in the place - hope next time you
remember your manners - didn't your mamas teach you to say thank you
when you got something nice? I think I did offer a much needed
service to many of you! I was also surprised at some of the patrons
who got a bit testy when they were asked to move back a little to
give Brandi and I some room to play ... just remember, rudeness and
bad behavior are NEVER rewarded and did lead to our early departure
last night!!

Hope to see you soon!   xoxo Julie

Directions map to location You can get driving directions from that map link too.

Berlin News Agency aka BNA
418 South Route 73
West Berlin, NJ 08091-2509

From the south/southwest:

    Take US I-295 North to the NJ Route 70 exit.

    Follow NJ Route 70 to the junction of NJ Route 73

    Continue with directions below (From NJ Route 73).

From the north/northwest:

    Take US I-295 south to exit 36A

    Follow NJ Route 73 past the junction of NJ Route 70.

    Stay on NJ route 73 for a good five miles.

From NJ Route 73
New Jersey Route 73 crosses Cooper Road (traffic light). After this watch for Good's Furniture and Wendy's (on the right), you're getting close. BNA is just past a Texaco gas station and a STS Tire & Auto on the right. FYI the Red Barn Adult Book Store is on the left (northbound side). The Berlin News Agency is in a what looks to be a house converted to a retail business located in West Berlin, a few hundred feet east of the Berlin NJ - Vorhees NJ border.

This very good advice above began from a previous posting by PoisonousGas. We've combined several subsequent BN postings with it here, enjoy!

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