True accounts and Stories

Here is where we post our stories and true accounts of our playtime's and sightings in the past. Check back soon for additional postings or expansion of terse accounts.

True Accounts
    The Cop and his girlfriend - June 2001

    CVS flash - June 2002

True accounts - short

AMTRAK - Blow Job in the Business Class car and in the phone booth on the way to a Buffalo Bills game. Other people were in the car same car with us two rows ahead. They had to pass us to use the bathroom. We did this going and coming for two years running so far! (11/2001 and 11/2002)

Bar flash - Late night at a relaxed pub.          2/28/2006

Bar Fuck (almost) - Late (~1:30am) one night Di had my cock out for some time and was casually stoking me. I was periodically groping her breasts and tweaking her nipples. After Di had removed her pantyhose I was rubbing her crotch too. Di was in a short dress on the bar stool with no panties. At one point I moved in, attempting to penetrate her. Di's one knee wound up high on the bar rail too. It ended too soon with me cumming all over her and the stool. Many other people (and bartender) were less than 8 ft away. (5/2005)

Mall flash - Sitting in the food court with Di in a skirt and panty less with her legs a bit more than slightly parted....with us watching them watching us. (8/2003)

Flashing Truckers - Di on the highways practicing Opie and Anthony's philosophy of 'Whip them Out Whenever'. The 'them' being breasts! (often!)

Fisherman a River - We approached quietly and then stood behind them, watching them fish (OK, that was the premise). Di's soft tits were brought out into the air and I gently stroked them.....the fishermen didn't catch many fish but were really smiling quite a lot.

Flashing trains - Di on the back roads practicing Opie and Anthony's philosophy of 'Whip them Out Whenever'. The 'them' being breasts! (often)

Adult Playtime Boutique (Adult bookstore) - Hamptonburg, NY - Di's first play with me in a peep show arcade booth, this one had a plexiglass drop window. We both stripped down and fucked. The guy next door loved the show and even gave us some tokens to keep the light on in our booth. (8/2001)

East Main News (Adult bookstore) - Middletown, NY - Di's first Glory Hole experience....a cock without a face! She got to dry stroke several guys' cocks while in the booth but saved her sucking attention for me. (8/2001)

Chinese Buffet - Enjoying the other male customers attempting to leverage the buffet's barrier to peer down Di's cleavage. (every couple a weeks, LOL)

Nude beach in VT - Play time with John & Kathy - This started out as some light touching beyond the 'norm' on the nude beach. Di and I then took a walk down the path to touch and play more with each other. J&K followed us shortly after and caught up to us. We kept playing lightly while they looked, hoping they would linger. They decided to stay and began playing with each other too. They took a position on a rock about 6 foot away. After it was clear we all wanted to 'notch it up a bit' we all walked uphill to a isolated rock. We had our first 'Watch and Being Watched' encounter! They wanted to swap but Di and I had agreed to a 'Watch and Being Watched' only (it was our first step into the swinging lifestyle). We were MUCH closer than most couples do these scenes we found out later, all of our soft bits were within easy reach of each other. Kathy was a squirter too! Some pics of Di there after playing. (8/2001)

Tanglewood Ma - Outdoor concert in the open lawn area on a blanket. Touching play before, during and after the concert. Picnic meal and wine too. (7/2001)

Happy Hour - Beer Drip - OK, the scene: Crowded bar at happy hour. Di wearing a V neck blouse with deeply plunging cleavage. OK, now the fun part. Guy navigating from the bar with a FULL mug of beer thru the crowd back to his buddies. As he passes Di guess what happens? Yup, beer drip dead center! They BOTH pause, transfixed, watching the drip go down inside. They stayed that way for an extended moment, silently. After the requisite time (or drip was no longer visible) they broke apart, neither saying ANYTHING! Di's grining was priceless as she told me of it seconds later. (8/2001)

Barnes and Noble (bookstore) Pittsfield, MA - Bending over and crouching pantyless while other male customers discretly watched. (8/2002)

Computer show - Checking out the computer hardware with the vendors getting deep cleavage views of Di's braless breasts. (6/2002)

Park pee in Pa - Letting it go while sitting on the edge of a picnic table at the end of the picnic grove. (9/2001)

Making love at the waterfall in PA - With our blanket literally on the hiking trail with the possibility of a hiker at any moment. (9/2001)

Swing club sixsome (without names) - Us and two other couples take a private room and having an extended play scene. It was a great extended bi action moments for the ladies. (11/2002)

A day in the D&R Canal park - Extended photo session while sitting on the edge of a picnic table at the end of the picnic grove. A short pee play moment for the camera with Di's letting it go. (5/2003)

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