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Gay or bi male looking for men only? Skip to 'Web resources'!

Since we created this website Hoople & hotdi have stopped frequenting ABS' in Sept 2007. Please do not contact us to ask that we visit an ABS with you or inquire when we are next going (we won't be - thank Jack at MovieThon for helping us come to that decision). FWIW we also grew tired of dealing with the work and extra bullshit of having run our Yahoo! hosted Adult Book Store related groups. In Sept 2007 we deleted all of them, sorry. All ABS listings pages here have been deleted as well.

Web resources

Gay or bi male looking for men only? Use the links below to find the places where they congregate. Joining the forums aka discussion groups on those sites to get the latest info or clarify conflicting info is highly reccomended!




http://www.cruisingforsex.com/ click on "Sex Listings" Read the listings AND the comments!*

The last listing above has of all of the listing sites the best comments about safety and the presence of women/couples.

* To the homo phobic:

If you can get past the obviously gay slant of that site you'll gain a tremendous resource. The COMMENTS about women/couples are significantly fewer at all of the other sites, hence misleading. Be sure to click Read More... if the comment is cut off. Your loss if you pass it by! 95-99% of the ABS patrons are gay/bi males (and husbands in for a JO/BJ).

Please thank WILLIAM 'scooter' MOORE scooter08213@yahoo.com aka rh23skidoo rh23skidoo@yahoo.com aka moorebill27 moorebill27@yahoo.com aka robert Hzinga rh23skidoo@yahoo.com and Bob jersey450@optonline.net when you see them for helping us come to this decision. We also left about 50 groups related to ABS's.

Deleted were: AdultFuntimeBoutique, Cinema309, CupidsArcade, midhudsonabs, RedBarnVineland, VideoEmporium and VideoExpress2.


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